Tables and Graphs Implying Fraud at Lloyd's

Below are links to tables and graphs of Lloyd's recruitment of investors, their insurance and reinsurance syndicate profits and losses, and consequent losses to their working and non-working investors, called Names, largely due to asbestos claims. These figures clearly imply fraud and misrepresentation occurred.

Comparative Losses of Working and Non-working Names
Table comparing the losses of working and non-working Names, and of US Names. Also US Names losses by state of residence.

Graph of membership in Lloyd's (relative to year-reported profits and losses, 1982-94).
Left scale = membership, right scale = profits/losses in millions of pounds.

Lloyd's Global Accounts - NDA Table -
Number of Names, net capacity, premium written, pre-tax profit, and profits/losses to Names, 1979-1994.

Lloyd's Global Accounts - NDA Table -
Data adjusted for UK inflation, 1979-1994.

Lloyd's North American US$ Business - NDA Table -
Premiums versus net claims paid, and estimated final profit/loss figures, 1967-1991.

Names Discharged in Bankruptcy (American/Canadian) - Claims abandoned by Lloyd's in preference to appearing in American courts.

Names Recruitment History - 1955-2000
Graph showing the accelerated recruitment of Names in the 1970s and 80s.

Net Worth of the Names - Table from the Neill Report to Parliament, 1986.

Ultimate Loss Ratios (ULR) - NDA Table -
Loss ratios of Lloyd's long-tail business in the categories of non-marine US$, non-marine "all other", marine, and aviation - all other

Where the Money Went
A table overview of Lloyd's accounts in their so-called "profitable" (1983-87) and "loss-making" (1988-92) years. Prepared by John Rew.

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