ANA Letter & Exhibits to "Final Four" Accounting Firms

ANA Letter to "Final Four" Accounting Firms, April 19, 2004

Exhibit A:
Fact Sheet - The Eight Most Important Issues Affecting U.S Ceding Companies' Reinsurance Recoverables at Lloyd's

Exhibit B:
ANA White Paper, April 2004 - The Evolution of Lloyd's Chain of Security

Exhibit C:
Chairmen Dialogue - The Unanswered Question in Lloyd's Franchise Plans
A series of letters between ANA Chairman Jack Shettle Sr. and Lloyd's Chairman Peter Levene, February 10 to March 22, 2004

Exhibit D:
Schedule F - Current Premium Ceded and Net Recoverables by Company

Exhibit E:
Lloyd's Letter Reference to "New Central Fund" (post-Equitas)

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